Monday, September 17, 2018

Habits That Make People Look Older

Perhaps, you have wondered why someone who is still in his teens looks twenty.

Findings have revealed that, there are some habits/lifestyles that are responsible for looking older than you really are. Ageing is a gradual process.

Below, are some, out of many ways, in which our daily habits have speed up the process.

1. Not getting enough sleep:
This is doing more harm than good. Skin cells function on a circadian-rhythm similar to that of sleep-wake-cycle that makes you tired at night and wakes you up in the, after you might have been re-energized.

2. Not eating enough fruits:
Fruits contains free radicals that prevent the skin from growing old faster.

3. Eating too much sugar:
Eating sugary foods lead to glycation, a process in which sugar molecules attach to your collagen or the main building blocks of your skin.

4. Drinking too much alcohol:
Research found that alcohol can lower antioxidant level, which can invariably cause inflammation and free radicals damage to skin cells. Alcohol also has dehydrating property which your face looks dry and rough.

5. Frowning 98% of your time:
Physiologically, the more your frown, squeeze your facial muscles, the quicker you age. Anatomy has it that we spend more muscles frowning than we do when we smile. You know what? Bring down that tense face.

What other habits do you know? Share with us in the comment

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