Sunday, August 12, 2018

Welcome To Just Ask Nurse

Welcome to Just Ask Nurse Blogsite! We are more than happy to have you here with us.

          Welcome to just ask nurse

Having seen and worked in a society where what people don't know is more than what they know when it comes to their health, we have come out of our respective corners, as Registered Nurses, to give out healthy information as far and as long as we can.

Presently, more and more people are opened to the internet than ever before. This prompts us to create an online presence for our organization so that we can serve internet consumers who yearn for healthy articles online.

Who We Are

Just Ask Nurse is a health blog created by group of Registered Nurses in Nigeria. We are passionate enough to enlighten and give out educative, informative and habit-modifying articles across to our visitors.

What We Will Be Doing

On this blog, we will be sharing with you articles on disease conditions encompassing definition, causes, prevention and treatment, health related researches, health videos and also collaborate with other medical and nursing organizations to offer you premium information. 

We will also, once in a while and if invited, give health education in schools, churches, mosques,  and social media groups. To learn more about Just Ask Nurse, click here.
As you know, knowledge of health is wealth. What's the use of money without good health to enjoy it?
When you read an article here on Just Ask Nurse, do not hesitate to push the post across to your friends and loved ones.

Once again, you are warmly welcome to Just Ask Nurse. Hope to see you often. 

Stay healthy always. Your health matters...

I am Obembe S. D (aka SirPhren). A RN, Blogger, Blog Designer and Blog Tutor. I own Assist Blogger. Connect with me to help you have your blog set up.

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