Thursday, August 16, 2018

How To Instill Or Apply Eye Medication

How to instill or apply eye medication

Instilling Eye medications is what your healthcare provider will surely explain and teach you. But, if it is an Over-The-Counter purchase, below are ways you can apply eye medications and what not to do.

• Don't use medications that has changed colours

° Wash hands before and after applying eye medications. Washing of hands is very important in any procedure.

• Ensure there is good lightening for easy application

° Ensure you read the label of eye medications to be sure it's the right medication and check it's expiring date

• Remove contact lens if you have one on

° Assume a comfortable position

• Ensure you do not touch the tip of the medication to any part of the eyes or the face

° Hold your Lower eyelid down

         How to instill or apply eye medication

• Always apply eye drops before applying eye ointments

° Close the eyelids and apply gentle pressure on the bridge of the nose for 1-2minutes after instilling the eyedrops

• Use a clean tissue to pat skin to absorb excess eye drops from running into the cheeks.

° Wait for 5minutes before administering another eye drop and 10minutes before instilling another ointment.

• Then you can reinsert contact lens

Highlighted above are the step by step guides on how to instill or apply eye medication.

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